Dear Sal:

Sometimes when you pay for something you feel dissatisfied or taken advantage of. Other times you feel like you got what you paid for. Once in a very great while you feel like you received much more than you paid for and that’s how we feel about the magnificent job you and your staff did at our daughter’s party this past weekend.

In a Jewish girl’s life the day of her Bat Mitzvah is rivaled only by her wedding day. Over a year of planning, preparing and studying is undertaken with the hope that this one big day will all come off as planned. As parents we can do our part to prepare our daughter and organize everything but ultimately we have to rely on the professionalism of others for the event to be a success. We are pleased to say that our reliance on you was perhaps the best decision we made.

I suppose anyone in your line of work with a few dollars can buy the latest equipment and accumulate a collection of music. It takes consummate professional, however, to put it all together the way you did. The enthusiasm of you and your dancers; your ability to change on the fly with patience and understanding when our daughter became overwhelmed by the moment; the quality and good selection of music; the lighting and effects; the beautifully edited video of our daughter’s childhood photos; and the magnificent job your photographers did taking and displaying the photos of the party in action all came together perfectly to ensure that our daughter’s party was a smashing success for our guests of every age. We’ve been bombarded with phone calls and emails/text messages telling us what a wonderful party it was and feel that it’s you we have to thank. Indeed my wife, who is the toughest of critics, has not stopped singing your praises since Saturday. Simply put, you blew us away and words cannot express our gratitude.

We will look no further than Magic Moments for entertainment at our future parties and will wholeheartedly recommend you to our friends and family members for their future events.

Thank you again for a job well done.

Joseph M. Seidman